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Random pieces of life in Haifa

I saw a man washing his dog with a garden hose on Hamegenim Street last night.  I wish I had gotten a picture, because he had put the dog in a shopping cart so that it would not run away.

This country is a haven for those who love pickled veggies…cabbage, cucumbers, cauliflower, olives, beets…it really is done well here.  yum.

My interaction with Israelis is usually limited to taxi/sherut drivers and wait staff at restaurants.  Between work, social activities, programs at the BWC, and friends/family visiting from all over the world, I rarely have time to do anything else. 

Some of you who read my blog may not understand how it is that I can know people from all over the world, and why it is such a constant thing.  Every two weeks a new pilgrim group arrives in Haifa, and their pilgrimage lasts for 9 days.  Now, the “Baha’i world” is rather small, communicates openly, and moves around quite a lot.  So you end up seeing a lot of Baha’is, and 1 or 2 degrees of separation between people who know each other.

I’ve gotten so used to the rather patchwork style of buildings and homes that it is strange to me when I see things that are newer/well maintained.  There are buildings here that haven’t been fixed since last summer’s war.


4 thoughts on “Random pieces of life in Haifa

  1. Ha, I think that is the most awesome thing eva! I love meeting people from all around the world, especially bahais’.

    If you have time or can talk, call me 1 800 yofrien lol : )

  2. Pickled veggies, yum! I honestly *love* those 🙂 Have a wonderful, wonderful pilgrimage with your family — what a blessing! Chicago misses you! 😉

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