7 Random Facts about Me

http://hellomonth.live mach platz ich bin der landvogt Mojan tagged me, and while I usually don’t do memes on my blog, I thought it would be nice to give some of you a little glimpse of some of my quirks.

donna norton bonny eagle middle school 1.  One of my biggest pet peeves is the confusion between “they’re” and “their”, “you’re” and “your”, etc. 

handy mit vertrag media markt watch 2.  I have had three different accents in my life: Persian, Southern United States, and generic Midwestern/Chicago (current).  I also start talking like people around me if they have a different accent.  Can’t help it.

disparition banderas antonio check 3.  I really don’t mind getting up in front of a group of people to speak, but I like to be somewhat prepared.

http://houralong.live/2019/05 gentleman naa songs 4.  One of the joints on my right ring finger is bigger than the one on my left, simply from basketball injuries.   I am left handed…sometimes I missed when trying to get the ball.

risiko gratis download go 5.  If people are fighting, my first instinct is to jump between them and break up the fight.  However, I also realize that my diminutive size prevents me from being very effective.

nystagmus horizontal causes 6.  Animals I like a lot: snails, toads, snakes, lizards, rodents, dogs, and sometimes rabbits.

http://mostclean.live emily kinney hot 7.  I have awful handwriting.  Really, it is just horrible.  I have tried for a long time to improve it to no avail.

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