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Misplaced Nostalgia

I saw the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie last night. I really only enjoyed it for nostalgia’s sake, quite frankly. It was not as good as I’d hoped based on the trailer.

I now realize how disconnected I truly am from popular American culture….mostly the entertainment side of things. On one hand, it is easy to access a lot of these things (I even saw Spiderman 3 on opening weekend). But while Israel has all of these things, the culture at the Baha’i World Centre just isn’t focused on those things. Sure, we go to movies, and the mall, and are on the internet (probably too much!). But if you don’t seek it out there is no reason why you would know what is going on.

The first few months I still had my “fingers on the pulse”, but as I spend more time here I become more content with a life less consumed with these things. One thing I found lacking was my access to news/science/business. Back home I would read BusinessWeek, Forbes, National Geographic, Discover, and a few other random magazines…and then suddenly I wasn’t anymore.

I recently discovered the news feeds on my blog aggregator, so I have a feeling I’ll be getting back into my geekiness soon enough.


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