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I am a little disconnected from myself right now. This is because I am taking cold medicine. I hate medication but in this case it is necessary. I’ve been coughing so hard the last few days that my stomach muscles are protesting…I knew I should have started doing situps again! In any case, I have that odd floaty feeling in my head and I am not sure I like it.

My flatmates have been taking care of me, but mostly I have been lying on the couch wrapped in a blanket, sipping oregano tea (ugh), and praying that I live to see tomorrow. I am in the office briefly to take care of some urgent matters. I had 60 blog entries to catch up on, over 100 emails, and 2 weeks worth of laundry. oh my!

There really is not much new…3 days in the house doesn’t make for stories or adventures. I really do not even have the energy to respond to emails or make phone calls, so if you’re on the list of people I have sorely neglected, please forgive me.


5 thoughts on “Flu?

  1. Ugh, that blows. Just take it easy, give yourself a week to recover. I hate the flu. I have no idea what kind of meds you have there but I’m suspecting you can get almost the same things. Most importantly, SLEEP! Just get it out.

    For the record, I also hate that sicky medicine swimmy-head thing. Bleh. Necessary evil, though, unless you want to hack yourself into a broken rib or something.

  2. Sheesh. No apologizing, yo! You’re sick. Just take care of yourself. People will still be around for phone calls and emails when you’re feeling better. In the meantime, many prayers and thoughts of good health shall be sent your way. 🙂

  3. Oowa, I want to send you a get well package but I’m sure you will be healed by then : ), hopefully!

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