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I know, I’m crazy.

One thing they don’t tell you about Haifa is its lack of good Mexican food. You can find decent Thai food, which is a relief.

But after having lived near Pilsen and the amazing little taquerias that are scattered around Chicago, it is nearly heartbreaking to realize that you can barely find a restaurant that serves such delicious menu items that cause you to sweat grease for days. mmm.

My friends back home in the States (yeah, I call it “the States”. I also call my apartment “my flat” and am switching over to “flatmates” from “roomies”) think I’m crazy to be missing Taco Bell, but really I miss everything on the range from that to Nuevo Leon.

I actually don’t eat out much here. It is relaxing to cook at home, and I have so much more control over what I eat that way.

So I picked out my next book to read: Muhammad and the Course of Islam by Hasan Balyuzi.

Also, I still can’t believe this is where I work every day:


11 thoughts on “I know, I’m crazy.

  1. there’s a good mexican restaurant in Tel Aviv called Azteca. The only thing is, they have weird nachos that are a little more like pita chips. But they’ll have burritos and other types of mexican dishes.

    I know that doesn’t help you over in Haifa, but just thought I’d mention 😉

    and you could always make your own…

  2. Ok, I rescind my earlier ribbing. I see it’s not Taco Bell specifically that you miss, rather the glorious genre of Mexican food. That, my friend, I can understand.

  3. Well, there are taco fixins here, so if I get crazy enough for it I can make them. But there is something special about Mexican food that I can’t do myself. *sigh* hehe.

  4. Yeah, you’ve got to cook it yourself. I learned the hard way. Good luck finding limes, a key ingredient, though – best bet is to find lime juice concentrate in a small green plastic squeeze bottle at the supersol off of Tchernikovsky.

    I don’t agree that the Thai food is decent. Even Giraffe uses the wrong noodles!

  5. Well, to be fair, I’ve not sampled all of the Thai food yet, so I’ll probably be disappointed when it comes down to it.

  6. A few years back, I did some consulting work at the World Centre (If you ever have occasion to open up a Glyph file in Word, you’re using code I wrote), and the (at the time, there was only one) Thai restaurant came up often when the subject of dinner was under discussion.

    I had to laugh. I’m from Seattle, where the standing joke is about finding the last person who has yet to eat Thai food. For me, eating Thai food in Haifa is barely a notch above eating at McDonalds in Haifa. I want schwarma. I want Humus, and olives and cheese. I want felafel!

    The good places I do remember include the restaurant on the south side of Allenby about a half-block east of Haparsim, and that little hole-in-the-wall place on Hillel that served great sandwiches for lunch.

    I don’t remember anything resembling Mexican cuisine, but I have to admit that I wasn’t exactly looking for any.

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