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I am rather like a Hobbit.

Well, I’m not that short, nor do I have large, hairy feet. But I’ve developed a routine over the years regarding my eating habits that could be compared to Hobbits.

First breakfast- 6:30 amSecond breakfast- 10 am, at my deskLunch- noon, in the lunchroom

Snack- 3 pm, at my desk

Dinner- 6 pm

Second dinner- 9 pm

I know, I’m ridiculous. I really also have very little to say. 🙂


7 thoughts on “I am rather like a Hobbit.

  1. I realize that this has been a regular habit of yours for a while, and God bless your metabolism, but when another friend of mine served in Haifa she said all the girls gained weight and all the boys lost weight. You’ll have to let me know if this is true.

  2. LOOOOL.. I love that Sholeh… I just love it… You’re like meeee 🙂 Weee!!

    Hey Lace!!! 🙂 LTNS!!

  3. Well, the thing is that my gluten-free diet saves me from most of that weight gain, and I tend to take stairs and I try to walk every day. So I’m not *too* worried.

  4. you’re just missing elevensies.

    would you consider adding it, for me? and if you gain a few pounds, i’ll know that 1/7 of those extra pounts are in my honor.

  5. me? right here in maryland, busy servin’, workin’ and bein’ married 🙂 .. like all yall!

    omg, sholeh, youre GF too??!! LOL so is katie my wife… lol…. that is too cute…

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