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Tomorrow is the first day of school. I am ambivalent.

I have most of my books, all of my supplies, and my schedule is set. I just have to show up to class!

The next few weeks will be flying by non-stop. Roommates/friends moving in and out of the house/neighborhood will keep me occupied, I am sure.

If your neighborhood ever has a block party, I recommend that you attend. You may meet some interesting characters. I was introduced to an Italian woman who wants to teach me to cook Italian food (in exchange for me teaching her Persian cooking), a recent transplant from Texas with a child who wanted to know where to eat in the neighborhood (I was happy to oblige), an older couple with a friendly dog who lamented the fact that their son was not in attendance, and a woman with a young daughter from Ghana. There were at least 4 interracial couples and probably 30 children running around.

And I can’t even describe the food. 🙂


3 thoughts on “School

  1. Man! That sounds like fun times! Next time I get to come, ok? And just for clarification, how did you know the dog was lamenting?

  2. LOL Andrew!

    And the party sounds like a ton of fun. Maybe I should start one up around here!

  3. Andrew: You just have to pick on me when I’m writing from my deathbed, don’t you? 😉

    George: Apparently they got funding from the city for it, there was a band and everything.

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