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I really never thought I would be this busy…and things keep coming up.

*wills self to resist the temptation of multi-tasking*

(by the way, I love the dictionary’s definition of multi-tasking. It is interesting to think of my brain as a central processing unit. I guess that is what it is. Unfortunately, someone disconnected the power cord…)

And I’m realizing more people are reading this now. Y’all feel free to leave comments. It keeps me amused. 🙂


8 thoughts on “busy

  1. glad to see your posts again, sounds like you had a great trip, and party!…

    hmm, and i’m noticing i’m starting to read more and more blogs, and that they’re all interconnected… more directly than i thought…

    …speaking of busy…i better go…


  2. I get a lot of warnings that there are insuficent system resources these days. I think I should just try to “task” more…

  3. Jay- yeah, I checked out the interconnectedness tonight. very strange.

    Shan- insufficient system resources are a constant problem for me. I tried getting more RAM but my CPU overloaded and now I am just a shell of an android.

    oops. shouldn’t have let the android secret slip. dammit.

  4. My problem is having gotten stuck with a 20-year Wintel contract…my brain keeps crashing and needs a swift (re)boot to the head.

  5. I’m *so* glad you’re back. For about a week I kept trying to post “Happy Birthday” comments to you, with no success. So happy late one. 🙂

  6. hey..
    you’re starting to sound like a nerd!! ‘central processing unit’…’my server was down’…

  7. Nathan- the reboots have stopped working for my poor CPU.

    Mojan- thank you so much!

    Gloria- speak for yourself! 🙂

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