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a little bit of the grill

The ingredients in the fridge were perfect for grilling, and so I decided to make a meal of it for the family.

First, I made Persian kabob kubideh and rice. People seem to think that kabob is so difficult, but it really isn’t.

For the vegetables, I decided to get a little creative. I sliced some tomatoes in half and placed them on the grill. I also peeled, sliced, and washed some eggplant, also placing them on the grill. I basted both with melted butter.

As soon as the vegetables were cooked (making sure to turn them over), I placed slices of mozzarella cheese on top. On the tomatoes I placed some leaves of fresh basil, and on the eggplant I put some garlic and fresh cilantro. As soon as the cheese was melted, I took the vegetables off the grill.

And yes, it was delicious.


3 thoughts on “a little bit of the grill

  1. Yeah I got the cooking bug again. It comes and goes. I’m lucky because my parents have a little herb garden, so I can pick fresh stuff and put it right in the food. Nothing beats that.

    Your pictures are better than mine though. I was in a rush, but I need to work on that.

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