A taxi adventure

Every morning about 10 of us take a sherut to work from our apartment building.  A sherut is like a mini-bus, and it arrives every day at 7:45 am.

Today it did not arrive.  8 of us stood outside our building, confused.  While we waited, another sherut came down the driveway.  He asked us where we needed to go, and when we informed him that we were trying to get to Golomb (where the Arc is), he drove away as if offended.

I called the sherut manager, who then informed me that he couldn’t reach his driver.

We decided to walk up to the street to catch a few cabs.  Taxis kept driving by, most of them empty, while 4 boys and 4 girls stood on the curb.  We got 4 people into a taxi, which then stopped 20 feet away and kicked everyone out: he wanted twice as much money as we should pay, and wouldn’t use the meter. 

Finally we got almost everyone into two taxis (that we called to come get us), leaving me and one of the guys left behind.  We flagged down a taxi, who then took 2 wrong turns, almost didn’t stop at our destination (I had to emphatically correct him!), and tried to charge us too much money.

 I arrived at work a 1/2 hour later than I should have. It would have been faster to go by horse-drawn carriage.

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  1. oh snap!!! looks like i’ve been missing out on good times… i’ll being re-joining you all in the mornings soon

  2. haha… if only haifa had a large amish population who offered its horse-drawn services to BWC volunteers… i got that a lot in india when i went back to visit…. the whole, “where do you wanna go?” and then upon hearing the reply just driving off without saying anything, but kind of making a face…. i’d totally forgotten about that…. but it’s nice that you get to live the apparently-offending-drivers dream… so jealous…