Random pieces of life in Haifa: #3

1.  I am eating a sandwich with an olive oil-based mayonnaise.  It tastes exactly the same as “regular” mayonnaise, except it has less fat and is slightly less thick.  Lovely.

2.  We watched a blue jellyfish float by at the beach on Friday.  This also means that going in the water is a risky endeavor.  I felt rather brave. 

3.  Everything here is a constant hello and goodbye.  Pilgrims, family visitors, and staff.  It makes my head spin sometimes.

 4.  We are going to see Harry Potter tonight.  By “we” I mean a group of 25 people or so.  This has become the “thing to do”.  One of the guys always organizes an expedition…and I do mean expedition.  We have instructions, synchronized times to meet at locations, ticket-buying, job titles, hiking through snow and over mountains, sacrificing members of the group to wolves howling outside the cave where we huddle for shelter…

So far we have seen Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Die Hard, and Transformers.  Other movies I’ve seen in the theatre have been Fantastic Four and Ocean’s 13.   Sometimes it feels like I haven’t left the USA at all.

 5.  It is official: I have begun spelling in the British style (the BWC uses British spelling for the most part).  I knew it would happen eventually, but now I do it in MSN conversations.  I’ve also begun developing a bit of the “BWC accent” (which is basically a generic mixture taken from dozens of languages).  I am amused: this is the 4th accent I will have acquired in my lifetime.

6.  Summer slows down my pace of reading, mostly because I do not want to be indoors when it is so wonderfully warm outside.  (Yes, I AM enjoying the heat.  I know I am crazy.)  I finally finished all of the Jane Austen books, as well as a few fantasy novels, and am working on a few books simultaneously.

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  1. “I’ve also begun developing a bit of the “BWC accent” (which is basically a generic mixture taken from dozens of languages).”
    I spend so much time around non-native-English-speakers that I’ve developed a sorta mixed accent, too. It’s pretty much just a very rounded, annunciated, gramatically simplified English, with the occasional British vowel or southwestern drawl thrown in randomly for good measure.
    I wonder if it’s similar. 😛

  2. Well, being a second gen Baha’i, I was exposed to Shogi Effendi at a young age. So, I tended to want to use the British latin- and greek- derived spellings. Luckily these days spell checkers catch them for me.

  3. What would a period of BWC service be without sacrifice? Especially sacrificing friends o wolves for the good of the many.