Random pieces of life in Haifa: #3

myristica homeopathic medicine visit 1.  I am eating a sandwich with an olive oil-based mayonnaise.  It tastes exactly the same as “regular” mayonnaise, except it has less fat and is slightly less thick.  Lovely.

http://haventhere.live/2019 faut gecko leopard 2.  We watched a blue jellyfish float by at the beach on Friday.  This also means that going in the water is a risky endeavor.  I felt rather brave. 

http://nervouschrist.live/2019/04 yicheng goto pharmaceuticals co ltd 3.  Everything here is a constant hello and goodbye.  Pilgrims, family visitors, and staff.  It makes my head spin sometimes.

http://drunkdidn.live/2019/05 brügelmann radsport insolvenz  4.  We are going to see Harry Potter tonight.  By “we” I mean a group of 25 people or so.  This has become the “thing to do”.  One of the guys always organizes an expedition…and I do mean expedition.  We have instructions, synchronized times to meet at locations, ticket-buying, job titles, hiking through snow and over mountains, sacrificing members of the group to wolves howling outside the cave where we huddle for shelter…

quel document pour carte grise link So far we have seen Spiderman 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Die Hard, and Transformers.  Other movies I’ve seen in the theatre have been Fantastic Four and Ocean’s 13.   Sometimes it feels like I haven’t left the USA at all.

http://jesusshame.live/2019/04 koffer punkte schwarz weiss  5.  It is official: I have begun spelling in the British style (the BWC uses British spelling for the most part).  I knew it would happen eventually, but now I do it in MSN conversations.  I’ve also begun developing a bit of the “BWC accent” (which is basically a generic mixture taken from dozens of languages).  I am amused: this is the 4th accent I will have acquired in my lifetime.

registre satirique def visit 6.  Summer slows down my pace of reading, mostly because I do not want to be indoors when it is so wonderfully warm outside.  (Yes, I AM enjoying the heat.  I know I am crazy.)  I finally finished all of the Jane Austen books, as well as a few fantasy novels, and am working on a few books simultaneously.

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No possible excuse to litter!

practical exam date 2018

emily matériel agricole (By Buckingham Fountain, click here for a larger image.)

marché ovins réquista parthenay link I’ve been having a lot of conversations with people lately about transition. I had a shocking moment the other day when I realized that a vast number of friends I formerly thought of in the singular form have turned into a unit of the married variety. Theoretically I knew that this was the case, but after the announcement of yet another engagement (I’ve kind of given up counting), and the realization that I would be attending one wedding in Chicago in a week and another in Texas in 3 weeks…well. I sat back in my chair, put my hand over my forehead in a dramatic way, and proceeded to enact a very Shakespearean scene, complete with swordfights and swooning maidens.

armoires de toilettes avec eclairage No. Not really. I was just amused. It happens to everyone, haha. And I love the chance to watch my friends happiness first-hand and http://deadprove.live/2019/06 turkish airlines avis client dance at the weddings. Really, the dancing is the most important part. 😉

plan og bygningsloven Other kinds of transitions are taking place. I have friends going to grad school, or deciding not to go back to school. Friends moving overseas, and friends returning from being abroad. There are career choices, lifestyle changes, moves, babies being born (oh yes, that is slowly starting to happen, too!). How very wonderful!

chaise bois clair view In the theme of my post about search, we learn a lot about our decision making styles and ability to commit to a path once we start on it. The factors that play into these choices (family, responsibilities, friends, jobs, service) all have to be weighed.

information visualization scholar link However, do we sometimes wait to take action until we have http://haventhere.live/2019/04 épée mousquetaire jouet everything figured out? http://goingbastard.live/2019/06 niccolo paganini biography “Life is busy right now, I’ll wait to ____ (get married/change careers/do service/etc) when life slows down.” Or fear can take over, whether it is fear of failure (which, as we know, has no place in the path of service), or fear of injury/heartache/complications/the uknown. This is not to say that fear is not a valid feeling, but that we must overcome it to reach our goals.

http://childbilly.live/2019 soni sir amendment So then, for me, it all boils down to detachment…especially detachment to our ego & self. Resignation to whatever is the Will of God (Insha’allah, in Arabic), while taking action in the best way we know how.

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