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Adventures in Tel Aviv

My flatmates and I took a little train ride to Tel Aviv for the 12th Day of Ridvan. We went with no destination, no map, no plans. It was wonderful. And here is my story (with pictures) of our adventures. Click on the links.

We arrived in the afternoon. We found the mall right next to the train station, but it felt like I was back in the USA. We soon left to go to a wonderful street market, where we shopped to our hearts’ content, and I drooled over spices & veggies that I couldn’t possibly carry back with me on the train.

Proceeding down a back alley, I felt like I was in Europe, and we wandered about taking pictures and finding our way back to the main road. We spent a nice hour at a restaurant to rest our feet.

I found a bag shop, where I purchased a messenger bag for a very good price, and chatted with the owner while he fixed the zipper on my other bag for free! The shop was his father’s since 1971, and he used to have a factory outside Tel Aviv, but imports from China forced him to shut it down, and now he just runs the shop. There was also the discovery of a store with shoes that were all 30 NIS, which is about 7 USD.

And finally, we left on the 7:40 train to go back to Haifa.


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  1. That sounds like a REALLY nice day! Originally we had also planned to go to Tel Aviv that day, to walk along the water and go to the art museum, but then we realized we’d have houseguests soon and dang, our apartment looked like a hospital. So… time to decorate!

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