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The Roses

There is a richness in the colors and textures of roses that are unlike anything else. I see a bed of roses and my tired eyes are soothed. I want to play tag amidst the rich petals and thorns hiding under leaves…my clothes would snag and I would float on discarded petals. If I was the size of a bird, I would spend days with the roses above my head and the sun-warmed dirt under my bare feet.

Spring is here, it is getting warm and people think I’m a little crazy when I get excited about the heat. Recent themes have been holy days, the Shrines, excitement about the play tonight (which some of my friends are in!), good food, flowers, meeting a lot of great people (having lots of trouble trying to keep track of everyone and be a good friend by staying in touch, both to people here and back home), busy days in the office (whew!), and laughter.

Oh, and did I mention that my family is awesome?


4 thoughts on “The Roses

  1. Oooh PRETTY roses! My college has a huge rose-garden in front with benches and walkways and I so do love looking at it and (especially) smelling it.

    Thanks for your answer to my question in the other post, I read Leila’s description and it was pretty much what I wanted to know. 🙂 Kinda just wondering the “feel” of the holiday. You know… like some days have a “solemn joyful” feel, or a “solemn sober” feel, or a “lighthearded joyful” feel….

    I’m guessing Ridvan would fall under “solemn joyful,” yes?

  2. Actually, I don’t know if solemn is quite the right word…maybe “reverently joyful”? 🙂

  3. Awesomeness must run in the family : ).

    Its endearing that you get excited about the weather aaww soo cute! lol

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