Home sick

jungle full movie view I’d like to say, for the record, that while I love being lazy and staying home once in a while, a couple of weeks worth of being trapped in your flat can do weird things to your brain. I’ve started talking to my new food processor (seriously, ask my flatmates). A week ago, while on some random medication, I hallucinated a bit. The doctor figured out what is wrong with me: pneumonia! Fun times!

einfluss variablen boxplot I’ve watched more movies than I can count, and need to get ahold of some books, just for variety. I may start baking out of sheer boredom. One problem is that I am really too sick to do anything more strenous than hit buttons on the microwave and put DVDs in the player…so dishes pile up and my room looks like a tornado hit it. And don’t get me started on the laundry issue.

http://moneybrother.live/2019/05 chiffres elections americaines Ah well, so it goes. I stopped into the office to get groceries and check my email (I don’t have internet access at home).

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  1. shree hanuman chalisa there A few ideas of things to do whilst hangin’ out on the couch…

    topfbänder einstellen datenblatt Memorization. Maybe a little more taxing than TV watching or reading, but at least it’s something different to mix things up a little.

    http://killinginstead.live/2019/05 gangschalthebel suzuki sv 650 s bj 2002 Letter-writing. Who doesn’t love a hand-written letter from a friend? Of course, maybe ya wanna let someone else lick the envelopes… 😉

    http://mistakebattle.live marcus vs julien tellouck Origami. So… unless you have an origami book laying around, this might be kinda hard, but as I was typing up the last one, I realized that you won’t even see this comment until after you’re back where you have an Internet connection anyway, so you could always print off a few fun folding sheets from online and take them home with some standard sized paper to cut down to square sheets… just a thought. (Cool origami pieces with quotes written on them make excellent gifts!)

    http://funnywake.live robin eggert personalhaus Meditation. The deep breathing part might be a *little* hard at the moment, but if there were ever any questions in your life that you wanted some answers to, what better time to pray and meditate upon them at length than when you can’t get up and do something else?

    marque équation radiateur Anyway, just wanted to avoid posting yet another ‘just rest’ comment by throwing a few ideas out there for ya! 😉 Take care!

  2. Aww thanks everyone! I’m actually doing pretty well, it is just the enforced rest that is driving me crazy. Lacey, you’re awesome…I look forward to y’all’s visit. Heather, hehe origami used to be fun for me, but then I just got annoyed with it. Thanks for the suggestions, though, I think I need to be more proactive in my boredom. 😉

    Shokufeh: I’ve actually been eating a lot of gluten-free crepes! hehe.

    Mojan: You are SO sweet…I’m ok, I think I may bring in my laundry tomorrow though, it is starting to become a living entity. 🙂