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I’ve been feeling rather like this animal recently:
(On the Terraces, Thursday night)

At this moment, I am working my way through a container of hummus (with tortilla chips instead of pita bread, of course). Last night I read about 450 pages of a fantasy book I borrowed because of extreme boredom. And my flatmates and I rearranged the flat in a heroic effort of furniture shifting and dust bunny battles. So perhaps I am not as slow-moving as I think in my own head.

It is starting to be spring here in Haifa, with the accompanying crazy weather patterns. Yesterday there was hamsin, today torrential downpours.

I think people think that I’m a rather busy person. Perhaps I am…my Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are usually quite booked with classes. I guess I just don’t see things as busy here…maybe that will change.


3 thoughts on “Snails.

  1. I can’t understand how the snails appear as soon as the rain starts and then disappear immediately after the rain stops. Where do they run off to?

  2. Knowing the extent of your social, work, family and internet obligations living in Chicago compared to what you’re up to now (and in no way diminishing the quality of your current pursuits), I can definitely see how you would not feel as busy. I can’t imagine the pace of life of those there who consider you super busy now. Imagine if they’d seen you in the States. 😉

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