tartar sauce recipe link I am learning my way around…very slowly. I’ve found that taking taxis does not help me learn the city streets, and taxis can get expensive anyways. I’m not in much of a rush most of the time.

forlæns og baglæns bamse click I rode a couple of buses around the city today. Well, I wasn’t intending on taking a leisurely ride, but that is what ended up happening. 🙂 So I learned some of the streets, a couple of bus lines, and although I am nowhere NEAR getting where I want to go most of the time, I am starting the process at least.

stop saying yes And off I go again…

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  1. Just don’t get your hand caught in the doors of the sheruts that close automatically. I learned that the hard way in Akka.

    It’s funny how just about everyone speaks English in Israel but no one does in a place like Spain.