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And now the heroine embarks on an epic journey. There were going to be dangers along the way…dragons, a couple of bad-tempered wizards, and maybe even a few evil spirits. One could never know with epic journeys. That is part of the fascination of the story.

🙂 See y’all on the other side.


5 thoughts on “Flying.

  1. A bit of advice from another fantasy nerd…the dragons are color coded for your convenience, and ill-tempered wizards are usually mollified by a quickly-cast “Summon Pizza” spell.

    Have a good trip, and may you come home someday with many stories.

  2. Lo! It is so. And it is well. All the signs have been seen. The preperations are complete. Now is but for the casting. Mamasemamasamemapusah!……Can I come out? She’s gone? DUde! I can’t believe that worked! I thought I was going to end up looking like a total tool with my hands splayed out, and my billowy robes billowing. So, cool. Let’s go do Abi.

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