Calling all klutzes… vannaktiviteter i barnehagen Dear friends and family,

conversation au restaurant en anglais There was a freak incident this morning involving my phone and Carmen’s tea. I watched in horror as my phone skidded on the carpet, hit a bump, and flipped (while on a phone call) straight into a large mug of green tea. Needless to say, I’m without a phone for the next few days. You can call Carmen if you desperately need to reach me, or just email me.

trésum annecy immobilier This is similar to the Great Burrito Incident except that I didn’t do anything stupid on purpose. Truly. This was just a confluence of unfortunate circumstances. bedre at fly end There is hope, however: I may have a friend who has a phone I can use to activate. And my obsession with organization paid off: 3 weeks ago I put all of the phone numbers in my phone onto a Gmail spreadsheet. So I didn’t lose anything.

collier hunter capri cuir rouge t35 there much love,

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  1. Ack! This is too much! First the Burrito, then the Green Tea. Oh my goodness, I’m dyin’ over here.

    Who was the lucky person on the phone with you when the incident happened?

  2. George: haha I try my best…

    Mojan: We were going to give directions to Hashem to get to Carmen’s place. 🙂

  3. This post made me guffaw. Not only for the fact that your phone did a backflip into a cup of tea, but that your obsessiveness has paid forth dividends. haha