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Computer nerds

Me: “Ramez…you do realize that we’re really big nerds? We’re sitting in the computer lab, when each of us has computers at home.”

Ramez: “Ah, that’s true, but we don’t have the luxury at home of sitting in chairs with approximately three semesters worth of farts in them.”

I just about died laughing. Now I am debating whether or not to post this entry, but have decided to, because humor is not something I normally put on this blog, and figured that everyone needs a laugh at least once a day. So, I’m considering this a service to humanity. yeah. heh.



3 thoughts on “Computer nerds

  1. wonderful. a much needed laugh.

    does that make comedians the ultimate humanitarians? or am i going to have to figure out some other way to justify my intense and abiding love for bill murray?

  2. Ramez has now been elevated from ‘cool guy i know’ to ‘Comedic Deity’. Thanks for choosing to post this.

    Jon-Paul, your love for Bill Murray needs no justification. Let it be. It’s lovely.

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