Blue! servette rugby classement We don’t know what it is, either. It appeared suddenly in the living room one evening, and of course was immediately experimented with.

rentre chez ta mère view versprich mir keinen regenbogen (song) Shannon tests it out.

unklarer genese dd bestes virenprogramm im test click Gavin & Shannon turn into an alien. “Are we done taking pictures yet?”

garantie hyundai avis here We rearranged the living room tonight. I’m proud of us.

lunettes remboursement sécu School is hectic so far, but I love 2 of my professors so far. One of them tells awesome jokes and makes side comments to me (I sit in the front row so I don’t fall asleep).

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  1. Man. I have felt one of those before. They are really neat!

    Thanks for the hugs.

    and, these pictures were great for a good ol’ laugh!


  2. Sarah- You’re right. We got a pot and melted a smurf. mwahaha.

    Gen- you’re welcome, and I’m glad. 🙂