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After a long wait, I’m getting my wisdom teeth (all 4!) removed in 9 hours. I’m sure it will be lots of fun.

It has been suggested by unnamed sources that I make them into a necklace. 😀

Therefore, I won’t be writing emails, reading blogs, answering phone calls, or being at all social for a few days. Just in case you’re wondering why I’ve fallen off the face of the earth.

I was making mashed potatoes tonight in preparation for all of this, when I discovered that the potatoes had something against me. They were attacking me, flying all over the kitchen, landing on the floor, jumping on my face. It was a mess. I was also receiving phone calls from friends. I managed to bend a fork beyond recognition, as well. Angela was gettting a kick out of watching me drop things and clean up splattered potatoes.

Wish I had taken pictures. 😉


4 thoughts on “Teeth

  1. OH MAN! I loved getting my wisdom teeth out! The gas that they gave me was really, really fun! You should try some. The best part is when they crack your jaw and extract your teeth surgically….WHILE YOU’RE STILL CONSCIOUS! It rawks h@rdcore!

    My advice to you, however, would be to refrain from making jewelry out of your teeth, as it is both creepy and wrong. Thanks.

    In case your cheeks/face/neck/body swells from the surgery, please post pictures. I have some really hilarious pictures of me post-surgery that any blackmailer would be proud to own.

  2. Mojan: yeah, looks like I’m staying home. The problem now is not so much my wisdom teeth, which barely hurt, but the fact that I got a nasty head cold. 🙁

    Andrew: I was completely knocked out…all I remember is them putting the IV in, then I woke up and it was done. I won’t make a necklace, but it would have been funny…

    And I don’t have swelling, either. I look quite normal. HAH! PS: I should give you a call sometime, maybe when my jaw hurts less. Welcome back!!

  3. yes from what i’ve heard, once they get you all drugged up, you actually WILL think the mashed potatoes are attacking you. lol. but it’s legal. enjoy it.

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