http://forgotdanger.live/2019/04 city lounge oyonnax I wore a white denim jacket today.

primate définition svt visit Yes, I did. AFTER LABOR DAY.

delphin be grand resort hotel What are you gonna do about it, huh?

schmerzen akuter blutdruck click And I will probably continue wearing white articles of clothing. The seasons will not restrict MY style.

energiesparen im alltag go A twisted ankle, however, will. I can only wear flip-flops because my foot is swollen and bruised. hmph. Be aware of basement steps.

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  1. mandoline borner avis view Well, you were wearing white after labor day only if you were traveling in about the same inertial frame as labor day. Otherwise… I mean… shit… Pi over the empty set… (that’s right, stupid inside jokes just crossed blogs)