First Day

abonnement aftenposten barn check jiving 4g mobile price These children,
in their beats there is somethin’ missing
you know I’m listening
a fragile kinship blossoming
I’m not saying I know it all
but this generation hit a wall
I’ll stumble but I’ll never fall
on my knees but I’ll never crawl… moteur srt8 challenger It is the first day of a new semester, and the classrooms are full as they’ll ever be for the next 3 1/2 months. cadenas sécurité avec 20 clés “Your syllabus can be found online” because of the cuts in the State education budget, our papers are too expensive to print. The professors don’t look frazzled yet, and everyone is wearing new clothes.

ecran ordi cassé It is like I’m back in elementary school. Without the budget cuts and the latte-sipping, cigarette-smoking, cell-phone-carrying UIC students. 🙂 Ah, I love the smell of too much cologne in the morning…hahaha…

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