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lover of life

Maybe they just got food poisoning?

I think dreams really can be lifesavers.

Cleaning the basement can bring out some interesting things. I found old sketches, poetry, awards, and books that I didn’t even know I had.

Something I found in the basement…written my senior year I think.

I am a lover of life and a singer of songs.
A strong friend to those in need and a confidante for someone who needs a listening ear.
I am a teacher and a student, a singer and a songwriter.
I am a voice shouting against the dark.
I am lover and beloved, writer and reader and intense critic.
I breathe in the air with every cell in my body and exhale in joyous explosion.
I live, and in living I have found intense happiness and not a little sadness.
I cry at the beauty of the world and laugh at those who try to hurt me.

I am myself and nothing more, an existence in everyone’s reality.
I don’t fit anywhere except in your heart, an outcast and social butterfly thrown together at a moment’s notice to create a soul.


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  1. speaking of poetry Anis’ Team won both of their bouts. they advance to semi-finals! woooo!

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