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New things

I spent some time working on my blog last weekend.  Even though it is April, it was still very much like winter here, and the idea of going outside was not very appealing.

I’ve added a plugin called “Now Reading”, which allows me to share books that I’ve read, that I am currently reading, and that I plan to read.  I’ve been having fun adding books to the list.  While by no means comprehensive, it does give you a taste of some of the books I like.  I have not included most of the fiction I have read, simply because it would contain hundreds of books and I’m too lazy to input all of that information. If you have any reading suggestions for me, please leave a comment!

Finally decided to add a search box to the sidebar below the links, which makes it easier to look for things. 🙂

I’ve also updated my links and about me pages in very minor ways, and added a few blogs to the sidebar: Sarah is writing about her adventures in South Korea, Tajalli talks about promotional marketing, and Lorenia is a strawberry. Also, check out the latest World Art Collective art installation…cute statues, powerful message.


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