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secrets and contrast

I am in the shadows of trees.
infinite, against sun-streaked skies.
the shadows are peace, forgiveness…

When we whispered our secrets to the quiet spaces under the trees, beyond the hills that we slept under for one hundred years…

the silence echoed.

When we whispered our secrets, they were coated with the fog and rain, made heavy with the weight of water and time. Our secrets became the leaves, a million colors and fallen.

Now our secrets are whispered between us, the trees only listen, and we are laughing.


4 thoughts on “secrets and contrast

  1. I did not realize when I sat near you last night that I was sitting so near an accomplished poet. YA BAHA’U’LLAH ABHA

    C. G. Jung: I believe would refer to what you are writing about as the collective unconscious — a place where we are connected with all beings from all times.

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