I mean, really…

credit champagne ardenne As a departure from the last few rather serious posts, I’m going to write a bit about my recent adventures.

ich laß für dich das licht an watch I stopped in Madison, Wisconsin on my way home from Minnesota a few days ago to visit a childhood friend.  She was kind enough to let me stay at her apartment, and we had a lovely time exploring the town (I got to pretend like I was in college again!) and catching up on life.

http://tastebuild.space/2018/08 ingeniørfirmaet intern transport as We were preparing breakfast that morning, and I may have been a little bit sleep-deprived (and had not had caffeine yet).  As I reached for the eggs, I slammed my forehead directly onto the refrigerator handle.

skoleringen 7 mogreina there At the same time, I was having an allergy attack and was sneezing uncontrollably.  Holding my aching head in my hands, I went to the living room to get a tissue…and walked right into the sharp edge of the coffee table, scratching and bruising my leg at the same time.

koblingsskinne for fronter I sat quietly for a while after that.  🙂

http://correctboth.xyz/2018 symptomen lage bloeddruk Today, I spilled half a container of vanilla on the counter while making gluten-free chocolate chip cookies.  sigh.

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