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Check out this photoblog!

My friend Ronnie recently asked me to join a project that he started with Baha’i friends from several different countries. There are 6 of us, from London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Singapore, and Chicago (me).

Every week we each post a picture that corresponds to a theme. This week’s theme was “Urban Jungle”. I am in awe at the talent and different perspectives that come from these individuals. It has been really great to have a project to work on while I’m looking for a job…being a part of something, you know?


Check it out, and spread the word.


4 thoughts on “Check out this photoblog!

  1. Awesome. I loved looking through the pictures just now. I’d love to see this one on a slightly larger scale over time. (Bombay! Sydney! Beijing! So many cities to add!)

  2. This is a great project…and the people contributing are amazingly talented individuals. Especially you S. 🙂

    Great photos – let me see more.

  3. Sholeh was surfing looking for Nell Golden this morning and found your blog and this post on the photoblog. What a gorgeous and photographically pithy site. Forwarded it on to a friend who is a photographer in new mexico…made me think of her use of her lens as observation on life. Very nice. You look beyond well girl…kudos.

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