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Quarter century

Well hey, look at that.  My birthday kind of surprised me this year (that might be a first).

This is me at 9 days old.  I still have that blanket.  It is, of course, in perfect condition.

I was born at 8:19 pm on the Mississippi River (in a hospital, not actually on the riverbank or something).

I am 25 years old today.  Hello, world.


12 thoughts on “Quarter century

  1. Happy 25th! I also still have my Winnie the Poo Blanket! It’s been used by all my sisters and my nephews and is about to go to Artemis’ son to be. I’m sure your kids will use your blanket someday. Glad you had your family around to help you celebrate.

  2. Winnie the Pooh Original Blanket eh?

    so you were a bit of a style guru from day 1?

    Thats a lot of hair and a lot of ‘alertness’ for a 9 day older!

  3. Wow, I didn’t know our birthdays were so close. I turned 26 on September 7 — and I was born at 8:58pm (right in the middle of Feast, basically).

    I miss 25 — it was so much cooler than 26… so enjoy 25. And happy birthday to both of us. 🙂

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