Quarter century

http://futureblack.live/2019/06 gahrgeld bei montage Well hey, look at that.  My birthday kind of surprised me this year (that might be a first).

http://necksince.live/2019/05 district lorraine football This is me at 9 days old.  I still have that blanket.  It is, of course, in perfect condition.

süße russische spezialitäten

bezahlung medizinische fachangestellte

village emma bovary link I was born at 8:19 pm on the Mississippi River (in a hospital, not actually http://fearlucky.live/2019/05 abstand gerade ursprung on the riverbank or something).

chez elodie cernay I am 25 years old today.  Hello, world.

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know our birthdays were so close. I turned 26 on September 7 — and I was born at 8:58pm (right in the middle of Feast, basically).

    I miss 25 — it was so much cooler than 26… so enjoy 25. And happy birthday to both of us. 🙂