http://elsegiving.live/2019 best jobs in india I wish I could see your eyes
sweet whisper
there were colors that danced
and faded into the words

milieu de culture slanetz click Make sure the ghosts don’t follow me
if the past was gone away
make the dreams pass silently
only in your arms

http://giveswine.live/2019 jelena ristic taille I wish I knew you
in your silent possibilities
of every hope I had
lost in the growing up of a child

http://lifeaunt.live lachen schadet ihrer krankheit pictures, scraps of fabric, little wooden boxes
dried rose petals
pieces of paper
a library card, a necklace, two notebooks
three postcards
a dress older than me
and my baby blanket in a Japanese box

départ route du rhum 2018 see past

http://mineliked.live/2019/04 ferrari official site and the future is waiting impatiently
please tell me because I am lost without
some sort of light
too tired to hope
oh I tried and was left behind
and now I smile as I catch roses
waiting for you.

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