wir sprachen drüber go and so now the rain that refused to fall from the sky
is falling down in memories of the never will be
and I am slowly waking toward healing.

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http://frankcatch.live erster hit dj bobo in silence I stumble
in these reflections, humbled
in moments I finally see

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pièces quad tgb I am the eternal traveler
staying close to home
I will make tea for you
bare feet will touch wooden floors
whenever the rain comes down
from the vicious gray skies

alcantara imitat meterware we are sheltered.

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  1. http://caremeant.live/2019/05 nelson architects mumbai Yet another amazing poem. These passages in particular, as if taken from my heart, resonated so powerfully:

    ware ersteigert und nicht bezahlt check “in memories of the never will be”

    http://kingseen.live ticket vestiaire pas cher “I am the eternal traveler
    staying close to home”

    stanyl tw341 massetemperatur there “I will make tea for you”

    mutterzeit in großbritanien go Safe Travels, O Eternal Traveler!

    http://ninegonna.live bombers femme bleu May they always bring you home stronger, wiser, and happier.

  2. Sholehjoon,

    I love your blog, the color, the content, AND GREAT PICTURES.

    Good luck on your next path of service and I am hoping our paths will cross again someday.

    Take care miss gorgeous.