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3 months left

I stood on a tower with darkness and lights below
and in our eyes I saw the doorways to the world

To dwell on memories is the fastest way to go
but our hearts will linger here, and in time I’ll let you know

The light will shine down on us in soundless moments
forever to remember the timeless silence.

The rain that refused to fall from the sky
came from my eyes instead
to wash away the dust that our tired feet raised.


8 thoughts on “3 months left

  1. I’m just…wow.

    I think you’re going to make ME cry when you leave Haifa, even though that means you’ll be geographically closer to where I am.

  2. You said in an earlier post:

    “It isn’t always easy to do these things, and as human beings we are still learning to conquer the world of the written word. Keep trying, keep writing, keep learning. I’m cheering you on, and I’m right here beside you.”

    You may not even know who I am, but I wanted you to know that you did someone a lot of good. That was very timely for me. The whole post was very timely. I’ve been through a lot, and felt very alone, for the last six years, in exploring the possibilities of the Internet for serving Baha’u’llah’s purposes.

    Today I decided that I want to help organize the Internet to facilitate networking among people who are spreading peace, justice, beauty and kindness. I haven’t been to LiveJournal for ages, but I was catching up with an old friend who has a LiveJournal blog, and I stumbled across one of your entries. I followed your link here, and here you were, talking about networking on the Internet!

    Then those encouraging words. Thank you!

    Jim Habegger

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