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Some kind of luck…

The last week has been full of technological misadventures. I don’t know what is going on in the universe…but really, I could use some help! *sigh*

– I bought a memory card for my camera on Wednesday. After taking several pictures…it decided to say “card error” and refused to work.

-My external hard drive wasn’t being recognized by my computer. Thanks to a savvy friend, I was able to make them be friends again. This is the second time that “Ducks” (the name of the hard drive) has failed on me, although less serious than last time.

-Computer problems at work caused me to lose a 1/2 day’s work, which made me sad.

-I just dropped one of the ear buds for my iPod into my cup of coffee. I fished it out and it seems to be working fine…but will likely stop working at some point.

We’ll see what happens next…


6 thoughts on “Some kind of luck…

  1. i can just see you dropping your ear buds into your coffee. classic 🙂 heheee. don’t you love those days??

  2. Your problem was that you named it “ducks”.
    On the other hand, I discovered that you can run a flash drive through the wash.

  3. HAHAHA DUCKS! Quack quack, as Andrew so joyfully added.

    Earbud in your coffee HAHAHA. I recall a certain somersault of cellphone into cup of tea.

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