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What has happened?

One year ago I had just arrived in the Holy Land to start 18 months of service. One year ago today I stood at the top of the mountain and watched fireworks.

I have attended several weddings of dear friends, gone camping for the first time, spent evenings with friends, saw friends and family as they came on pilgrimage, went on pilgrimage with my family, traveled to Europe for the first time, attended the funeral of the last Hand of the Cause of God, spent endless days at the beach, prayed at the Shrines whenever I could, and laughed a lot.

I have learned about prayer, strength, solitude, friendship, love, and responsibility. There are things that I haven’t even discovered yet.


5 thoughts on “What has happened?

  1. the endless days at the beach were the best…lets hope we can do it again before we both leave!!!

  2. Endless days at the beach, fireworks, dinner parties, camping, etc.

    Is there time left for any actual service? Haifa sounds like a fantastic bubble.

  3. Wow, it sounds so amazing. Everyone who has served there has mentioned very similar experience. I love how much you can learn on trips of service, makes me wish I can do a year of service one day! *cross fingers* I have to say part of me is selfish and can’t wait til I see you again! : ) Love ya girl! hahahaha Can’t wait to here about the adventures and stories you’ve experienced.

  4. Rous: well, we manage to squeeze all the fun stuff into the time we’re not serving…which in my case means about 1 day a week. Means that we don’t sleep a whole lot. 🙂

    Maysoon: I love you too!!

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