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I came back to Israel from Spain nearly 2 weeks ago, and I simply haven’t had a moment to sit down and write about it. Suddenly a few moments came together (something about a tear in the space-time continuum), and this post magically happened. Don’t ask me how, I have no clue.  Anyway, you can find pictures here.

  • I have never traveled in Europe before, and don’t know Spanish. But it was all extremely easy, thanks to my friend Lorenia. She offered her home for me to stay and was constantly translating for me. We had a wonderful time…I am so glad I decided to go.
  • It was a lot colder in Gijón than in Haifa, which I was not prepared for at all.
  • I went to the 19 Day Feast, a Ruhi Book 1 study circle, the Celebration of the Birth of the Báb (which lasted for 8 hours, and I ate a ridiculous amount of good food), and the Unit Convention (which is where the members of the community elect delegates to the National Convention). It was wonderful to be in a Bahá’í community again. I mean, I’m surrounded by Bahá’ís here in Haifa, but to be in a community where people are teaching the Faith, where things feel like home…it is hard to explain. The Bahá’ís in Gijón were lovely, caring, and opened their homes to us unreservedly.
  • The mosquitos liked me a lot there. We became best friends, for reals. I got several large welts on my arms and face, I felt like one of the crew members in Alien.
  • I discovered that I am perfectly content drinking several cups of coffee each day, as long as it is at a picturesque cafe in a lovely European city. It is very easy to get used to. 😉
  • Shopping. Oh my my my. Now, before I go and sound all materialistic on you, please note the above paragraphs, and keep in mind that I have been in ISRAEL for the last year, where dresses like this are considered acceptable:
  • The older people in Gijón (and probably in the rest of Europe) dress up in suits, hats, and smart shoes to walk around the city.  They stroll up and down the boardwalk, down the streets, and sit at cafés. I love it.

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    1. So funny that as I was just reading this, I was also talking to Katy, who is at this very moment sitting on Lorenia’s couch in Gijon! 🙂

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