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Birthday video, and other things

Maysoon suggested that Andrew and Jinous make a video for my birthday.


This is the result.


I love you all so much. 


Also, thank you to all of the lovely people who sent me “Happy Birthday” wishes…I can’t possibly respond to each one individually, but I really appreciate it.  Wow.


Two of my dear friends are getting married this weekend, and I am helping with the wedding.  It is so much fun to see everything unfold (I know, some people think I’m crazy for enjoying wedding planning), and I’m looking forward to witnessing this beautiful event.


4 thoughts on “Birthday video, and other things

  1. YAYY! I’m sooo glad they did this video! This video was very entertaining may I say : ) cute! I hope you had a great day and please tell me when something special comes in the mail! hehehe I’m soo excited!

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