kamei speed 340 schwarz link I am surprised at the way eyes slide away when we know too much
there are a few things I wish I could list in an endless way…
maybe I am missing the pictures that go along with the captions
charcoal drawings are the only thing that I can see clearly sometimes
the smudges of gray on white paper catch my eye.

mike tyson 2018 I never learned how to draw.
I never learned how to say anything in a straight line.

instant luxe sac click I say it all in words that accelerate and spill into open air
a never-ending fall.

la bible bd la genese partie 1 My eyes are clouded over in six layers of the past, the one year of the future, the unknown, and every time I said something too soon.

revit format kitchen family When I prayed for the edges to be taken off the isolation
I became submerged, walking below the snowed-over pieces of the glass I fell through.
There is clarity in the forced silence, but my speech takes over in a avalanche of tumbling words.

http://sixpink.space/2018 marché place du capitole toulouse I am still learning how to speak.

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