Wikipedia (and other geeky things)

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donnery les grands billons Look at the above link. Ok, so I admit that I use Wikipedia too, when I need a quick education on a subject. But really, I just get annoyed that it has become so accepted as a reference in some circles.

vinduer sprekker på grunn av solskjerming watch I love Skype, but my computer at home had a quarrel with my headset and now they aren’t talking to each other. It seems like the days get away from me recently, and I keep trying to get things fixed.

tendance claire npa Ok, now for a few amusing links. How many of you watched “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” on TNT? I loved that show. My flatmate Sahar sent me this link to a little montage set to music. exercice ssiap 1 Finally, if you haven’t seen Axis of Evil Comedy tour, you really should. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. Here is one video on YouTube, just do a search for other clips from them.

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  1. gezelschap hondje gevr Lois and Clark was mandatory Sunday-night viewing in my house back in the day. It was so much better than Smallville, a.k.a Superman meets Dawson’s Creek.

    formation ohada ifrs “Look, up at your tv,” “It’s Tom Welling,” ” It’s Kristin Kreuk,” “No, it’s cheeeeese!” monrad og rislund cd Your post also made me think about the nature of objectivity. Wikipedia has a good article on it. 😛