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I’m not surprised

“Wait, Anna Nicole died?!” – At lunch yesterday.

Now, in the grand scheme of life, this little tidbit of information can’t really even be considered news. In fact, it makes me rather sad that this is considered newsworthy back in the States. The point is that here in Haifa, if you do not make an active effort to seek out the news in the world, it might just pass you by. It can be a little insulating. Things that we would have not been able to avoid in the States completely pass us by even after 2 weeks.

I try to make an effort to check out a couple different news sources every day just to keep up…but it can be difficult to weed through the silly stuff.

(This makes me happy…I see these flowers on the way to work every day.)


One thought on “I’m not surprised

  1. Those flowers would make me happy too. 🙂

    That and being insulated from the vapid dross that counts for news in the US. Consider yourself lucky.

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