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Decisions, decisions.

I never knew it would be this hard.

How do I choose?! hahahaha.


8 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions.

  1. hehe yeah..i’ve heard that there’s plenty of hills over there, so you definitely want a pair of sneakers 🙂 but i can’t even begin to think of deciding over some of those heels!

  2. Ahhhhhhhahahahaha!!! You just killed me with this post. This is just too funny!

    And dang — you have a lot of cute shoes! It’d be a hard decision for anybody!

  3. Myk: yes, because what I need is MORE shoes.

    Mojan: thanks. 🙂

    Marco: I don’t know what it is, haha.

    haha Lacey, darn. seriously. 😀

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