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A vacation is…

singing along to music on a road trip
scary gas station stops
traveling on rickety bikes through the woods
making s’mores each night on the campfire
sharing a cabin with four other women
watching sunsets
laughing while stargazing
naps in the afternoon as the sun shines down
exploration of a “haunted tower”
not having access to internet & tv
reading in the cabin while a thunderstorm rages
realizing that you forgot your tennis shoes but not caring
ice cream with espresso poured on top
taking a canoe out on a very deep lake
playing glow-in-the-dark frisbee with random kids from Minnesota
soaking up the sun after a long winter
watching boats on the water
wading in the water…even though your feet turn blue from the cold
posing for pictures
cooking food from scratch
aimless walks
stopping at random places on the way home just because you can


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