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Last Tuesday I went with my father and sister to the Girodet exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson (1767�1824) was a French painter, and the exhibit is overwhelming. I must say that he is my favorite artist…the vibrancy of color and attention to detail is amazing, and the way he used light is simply astonishing.

The Burial of Atala is definitely my favorite painting in the exhibit, but I was impressed by the attention to detail in Hippocrates Refusing the Gifts of Artaxerxes.

If you see Pygmalion and Galatea, note how Girodet manages to transition from marble to human flesh in Galatea’s body as he shows her transformation from statue to a live being.

The exhibit is at the Art Institute until April 30th, so I suggest you check it out ASAP. And give yourself a few hours…you’ll need it.


2 thoughts on “Girodet

  1. Atala holds a special place for me, for many reasons including the ones you describe.

    And did I mention I like the new site design? Yeah. Still like it.

  2. dood that’s a dope painting. i should get someone to paint that on my ceiling for me.

    btw george is so nice. he’s been commenting about your site design for like … 3 entries now 😉

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