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What a great combination!


I drank eggnog tonight from Oberweis, it felt like a sin. mmm. I used to hate the stuff, but I come home to my parents house and it is calling me from the refrigerator:

“Shooooleh, come drink me, I’m eggy and sugary and oh-so-yummy!”

Then it giggles maniacally.

I’m taking my little sister to see the new Harry Potter movie this weekend. I won’t deny it: I’m excited.

I don’t like the holidays (too much materialism, and I don’t celebrate Christmas), but I do like how things are all decorated at the stores. Stores should be decorated year-round. But then I guess it wouldn’t be special, would it?


10 thoughts on “What a great combination!

  1. From the refrigerator calls the eggnog so yummy
    It’s sinfully sweet and it fills my empty tummy
    I wish I could curb the irresistible temptation
    to gulp down that creamy, ambrosial libation!

    Just another silly post, never mind me… -JW

  2. egg-nog and coke, now that’s what it’s all about.

    p.s. hi! (and to state the obvious, i found your blog!)

  3. mmm…egg nog. it was an acquired taste for me, too.

    the other day I had an egg nog latte from starbucks, which sounds really strange (imagine cracking an egg into your coffee), but it was actually pretty decent.

  4. Anya: hi!!

    Dan: I was thinking about how good that would be just today. egg nog latte, yum!

    Dan Jones: Nope, just pure egg and nog. 😉

  5. Just now sippin’ on a heavenly special called the ‘Joe-Nog’ while preparing for my trip to Colombia; it’s an espresso latte with eggnogg, whipped cream, syrup and cinnammon… mmmmmm good! Have a blast in DC! Take care, -JW

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