I have been to 38 states (including D.C.) in the USA. As of Thursday, I will have been to 39. I am taking a little vacation Thursday-Monday to Los Angeles to visit my best friend.

Some of you may be thinking, “Wow, Sholeh, how have you visited so many states?”

The answer lies in the simple fact that my parents love to travel, and we took many road trips all over the USA. My mother is definitely fearless, taking us in caves in Kentucky and North Carolina. My father would take us on hikes through the woods. Now that I am old enough to travel by myself, my parents encourage me to do so. My road trips to Louhelen Baha’i School and Minnesota with friends are some of my fondest memories in the last few years.

Now, if only I can get my studying done for my midterm tomorrow, and get packed…

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  1. Your post inspired me to tally the states I’ve visited, and I count 34 plus DC. I had no idea it was that many. Chalk it up to similar childhoods and the same wanderlust. 🙂