One! And an assortment of things

One Magazine launched the Love issue today! Check it out.

I try to write, and my hands refuse to translate the thoughts from my brain onto screen. I’m fighting them, but they prefer to sit back and take a break.

On Saturday I will attempt a feat previously unknown in the annals of Sholeh-dom. I will attend two weddings on the same day.
11:30 am: Emily & Doug’s wedding in the suburbs
8:00 pm: Myk & Lacey’s wedding in the city

I love adventures like this. Wouldn’t it be great to have a camera crew along as I rush desperately from church to reception to reception? The voice-over should be done by Morgan Freeman, as is appropriate for such things.

In a search for more information about voice-overs, I came across this article: What’s the worst ad song ever? Ad agencies, be aware! Some things are just not appropriate!

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  1. sounds like a recipe for a new reality tv show: “Wedding Hoppers”

    Bring in Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller and all those guys, too.