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I forgot to mention…

that I love avocado smoothies. They make me happier than almost anything except flan. Oh, and I really, really like puns. Yes, I do. I am sorry if this makes you not want to be friends with me.

It has been proven in several scientific papers that my puns get worse the more tired I get. Therefore, one can measure “Sholeh Tiredness” by how royally awful my puns are. I’m serious.

I am looking forward to biking again…something about the freedom I have when zooming around town…phenomenal.


4 thoughts on “I forgot to mention…

  1. …this post was written after 3am. Yes? 🙂

    I will still be friends with you, as I’ve abused the pun several times and lived to tell the tale. Also, my friend George is an expert in puns, so you should talk with him at the wedding reception.

  2. i hate avacado smoothies. soooo yucky! i think i’m just in the serious minority of human population because i don’t like avacados at all… but i love lots of other kinds of smoothies. 🙂

  3. I must say I’ve never had an avocado smoothie. At first blush it doesn’t sound that appetizing, but guacamole is my favorite dip, so who knows? Avocados are the tastiest vegetable, in my opinion; it’s probably because they have the highest fat content. But it’s “good” fat, right?

    On puns: my reputation in college was as a lower demon of pun hell. I think by the time I finished undergrad that I’d graduated to Satan. I drove my friends crazy with them. If you hung out with me, you were guaranteed to groan. I think I get it from my mother. She loves puns and claims that they are, among many other quirky traits, a “sign of intelligence.” 🙂

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