At the speed of…?

*The world moved too fast for me today.
I was scrambling to keep up,
even with 6 eggs (3 for breakfast, 3 for dinner)
I have a protein craving, perhaps. (get it?)

*I missed the stop on the train again, this time at LaSalle.
Not because of a book, but because of conversation.
The diversion took Ramez and I to Dunkin Donuts
(coffee was needed for studying!).

*I decided what kind of ice cream cake I want for my birthday
(in 5 months, the sum of the two digits of my age will equal 4).

*At the library, we discovered that it was closed,
so off to the cafe it was, with 80s music playing overhead.

*Term papers are taking over my life. It is the research part that gets me.
Writing a paper takes no time at all.

*The world has been surreal recently. Everyone around me feels it.
We discussed this last night…I simply can’t tell the difference sometimes
because life has been so completely strange.
We are in a different universe, we think.
That is ok. I always wanted to travel to distant lands.

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  1. i think the feeling surreal is pretty natural. i get like that a lot…like time just flows at its own speed and nothing makes a whole lot of sense, except that it does. i think it’s pretty common in college. the fatigue and all.

    i’d just like to say hey, by the way. i know we got to some bickering on the BY boards a while back and i’m sorry for my part in all of that. you’re really pretty cool and i couldn’t see through pride enough to realize that. hope there aren’t any bad feelings

  2. hehe its all good, I rarely hold grudges, and if I do, its usually for a pretty good reason. 😉

    Andrew will be happy we made up. 😀