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Queen of Lists

Some people may not realize this, but I love lists. I write everything down. When a professor is droning on about histograms and normal deviation, I make lists of errands I have to run, emails I need to write…whatever! These lists were written in Business Stats.

Things I Love About My School:

1) The doodles on the desktops are either long political treatises or notes in Urdu. The same applies to the bathroom stalls.

2) I can still get a cup of coffee for under $2.

3) A cell phone is considered to be an extension of the human body, not merely an accessory.

4) Watching plainclothes cops search my 60 year old Marketing professor in the hallway before class…and then my professor stepping into the classroom and saying “The fuzz got me, sorry I was late.”

5) Listening to the same professor’s jokes twice a day (morning class and afternoon).

Things I Love About My House:

1) Assigned chores every week and month. (“Who has the blessing of assuring the cleanliness of the kitchen this week?”)

2) The chalkboard on the wall (I get excited when there is a new message on the board…unless it is for the bills).

3) In-house washer & dryer.

4) Parties!!

5) Angela’s art projects on the dining room table.


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  1. yes. Apparently this is slang for the police.

    It is infinitely funnier if you imagine a balding, potbellied, nearsighted man in a suit and tennis shoes saying it.


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