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Weekend Goodness

The Persian Conference was…different this year. Some of the same people, and some new ones, and an extraordinary number of Chicago youth (Persian and friends of Persians). I went to as many sessions as I could, and spent the rest of the time laughing with friends.

I had lunch with family on Saturday, which is what usually needs to happen on a birthday. Yay for family! Saturday evening was spent at California Pizza Kitchen with 20 friends, where food was consumed and a brownie with ice cream was brought for me. Jonathan got everyone to sign a birthday card for me, and I nearly started crying because of all of the love. Yay for friends!

The weekend just kept extending itself. There was more birthday goodness for Shannon on Sunday night, which you can read about in his blog.

There is something to be said about living with a large group of Baha’is, and all of us living in the same neighborhood.

Also, life takes strange and wonderful turns sometimes.

I think I have a cold, which means tonight will be spent relaxing and drinking tea, in between studying sessions, hopefully. I’m not terribly witty or funny right now…it seems exhaustion has taken over at this point.


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